Friday, 18 May 2007

What's Next? Fashion line? its just the begining.I'm a engineering student so ape mrepek aku join in fashion industry nih??haha so ni nk citer sket,in 2005 i took a 2years course in Mechatronics Eginnering and had just finished early this year.In between 2006 I started to accompanied HD to fashion shows,Awards and events.So mcm i've learn alot from there.Experience semua lah.

Then my first project that i involved with HD,Anugerah Era.He had his fashion show during AE with a total of 6 outfits "The Gothic Rock Star".Besides that He also sponsored Ning-Nikki-Yanie for their performance "Drama".For the Red Carpet He sponsored Nabilah-Pushpa and his theme was Leather:Scar of Nature collections.Lastly he also create his first ever Mens wear and worn by Abg BaD and Diddy.So a total of 13 Outfits just for Anugerah Era.

Ahh,tk terlupa, Abg BaD asked me i study fashion jugak ker? and i told him i'm an egineering student.He was like "huh? i tink u should take fashion" Time tuh i rase mcm wah best nyer...beri semangat yg berkobar2 utk terus dlm dunia fashion.Tp tu lah maseh byk utk dipelajari.Thanxs tau Abg Bad memberi kan sokongan walaupon baru kenal that day!haha!

So from there i learnt alot of things.Mcm maner org dlm fashion industry work...sane...sini....alot la..alot of things to talk klu i citer pon sampai pagi gaknyer tk habes.Kenangan best2 and Kenangan Pahit pon ader dlm industri nih.NAh3 Dinch*3 i noe what u guys thinkin!

ok lah topic hari nih pasal College of The Arts.haha! boleh tk?da citer pepanjang skang baru nk start ckp sal todaes topic.Ok lah kan so atleast u noe how i terjebak dlm dunia fashion.

ok b4 i learn about fashion i took Art and design during the skul daes.My N & O-lvl's got distnc for memang i like drawing and design ape2 matilah da selame 2tahun tk draw tp 2tahun tuh blajar sal robort!hahaha...ok. So i got some offers too.From competition that i joined previously Ethnic chic tuh.

They offered a Sholarship & bond ,so mcm i study fashion in china at 1 of the Cambridge University and after i completed my studies i've to work with xtahu la utk berape tahun.Besides that i also called Lasalle(sgpore)-Lim Kok Wing and Malaysia Inst of Arts(MIA) to ask for futher enquiries.

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From MIA

So i did ask them to send all the info's about their school of fashion,Fees and visas to mail me nah!dinch,not email .Apparently antara 3tiga tuh 2jer yg sent letter to my house. Lasalle and MIA,so what happened to lim kok wing?ntah la... Biler call pick phone pon lembab service was bad.tu takper tried to mail them kat website dorang kan ade ckp klu ade enquires send email dinch* pekerja die ade siket pe pemalas gaknyer.tah la...Service was bad and couldn't imagine how the lesson could be a proper 1??

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From lasalle

Ok so now is up to me to decide.Fees for both about the same.Tapi tu lah..I dun noe nk sambung belajar dulu atau sambung NS dulu argh!! its a 2years serving the Nation! lame giler ok..sigh~

Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Met HD that day,tgh survey2 then bump dgn kak Red..haha...kecik dan comel jer org nyer.Red Red and Red yes thats her!

kak red: "hatta..hataa,,..hatta... ingat akak tak???

Hatta: huh? eh? akak...kenal lah ( walaupun dalam kepala berpusing- pusing nakingatkan sapew nih..muka cukup femiliar...)
kak red: kak red lah...

Hatta: owh kak red mummy!! warghkk tak sanga jumpe kt sini..

dan kami memeruskan perbualan...dan sembang..dan pose2 tangkap gambar..kak red dah gunting rambut ...kiut jew..tgk dalam blog mcm serious org nyer..tetapi tidak..orangnya sangat lah berbual dengan kak red nih.
Lepas tuh i ask them to post for the blog.blogger bertemu blogger lah kan...

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Hattadolmat & Red Mummy

Then lepas pertemuan tuh we decided to have dinner.KFC?BURGER KING?MC'D? hurmm cam buhsan kite naik turun Klcc tuh tk tahu nk mkn maner sampai la ingt nk mkn kat luar den i saw this new pizza hut outlet in klcc basement i giler tapi service was like *No comment*but ok la after all selalu silap yg dilakukan die mintak apology.(haha kater no komen!).tuh dier...mewah sgt kan pizza hut nih...

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Tu dier..lawa kan glitering glass.And of coz brand new funiture

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Hatta busy 24jam.Nk mkn pon ade jer orang2 call.that pizza sedap giler.i lupa name pizza tuh tp its a new pizza la.HD ni mmg suker mkn pizza tp badan tk naik2 pon?

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Jgn luper visit Pizza hut ni kat KLcc!meoutif??haha.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Usah lepaskan

Warghhhh!!! penat tol la so many tings to do.and most of it perlukan $$$ So i hav notin to post rite now...Later2 la coz got a lot of story to tell.Aneway dgr lagu Taufik Ni...lagu memang la da kluar quite sumtime tp til now asyik nk dgr jer.

Usah Lepaskan
by Taufik Batisah

Usah Lepaskan – Taufik Batisah

Yang terindah
Terlukis di bibir mu
Tak pernah ku lihat senyum mu

Pudar kah sudah cinta yang ku beri
Berwarna warni segala
Yang dijanjikan ia

Usah biarku bersendirian
Usah biar hati mu di tawan
Usah biar diri ku di sini
Seorang menunggu tanpa teman
Usah lepas genggaman tangan mu
Usah biar semua berlalu
Usah terlupa perasaan hati
Pertama kali kita bertemu
Usah lepaskan

Tak mudah ku melupa segala yang berlalu
Ku ingin selalu bersama mu

Ku tak peduli apa sebabnya
Engkau dan dia harus bersama
Mendungnya langit bila berkata
Kita patutnya masih bercinta
Usah lepaskan
Yang terindah
Terlukis di bibir mu
Tak pernah ku lihat senyum mu
Ps: Lagu Sedih laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... =(

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Packer ? Waiter ? ErmeneGildo Zegna ?

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Huh? ok this time i have to think really hard.Currently im working as a packer,u guys must be wondering pack apa kan?ahhh...Right now i'm working with motorola company just for the time being la.So its a 12hr work!memang menggila sangat!So my job is to check the contents of the full package tgk if there's sumtin missing or yg kekurangan so this process called QA.They paid me well but of course la tiring.U guys try to imagine 12hrs standing? but u have 45mins break in between and followed by 15 mins break.

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Later that Night a friend of mine called me.He offer me another job.Working as a waiter in one of the restaurant.Pay offer was great but what will trouble me is that the transportation.I'm stayin in the east of singapore and the restaurant is far away to the north-west of singapore(after all singapore is just a small country..hehee).So i put that on hold.

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Next morning i receive a call from Zegna.They need me back!Yes! i've been waiting for the offer but the shop manager need me just for a certain date.That wouldn't be a prob coz they paid me very-VERY well.So i think i'll join them back.
(just a side background of me : Worked in Burberry since 17years old,and got a great offer from zegna and started to join and work with them since 2005.I know the staff well and get to blend in easily if i join back!)

So what have i decided?

I will still work with motorola for the time being,i will also squeeze my time in to work with zegna just for the date that they'll need me and a back-up of working in the restaurant if i'm jobless. After all working in zegna would be a great choice.So that i'm aware of the fashion.What is in ant what is out.hurmmm...been looking forward to work with Roberto Cavali boutique in one of the hotels in singapore...yup maybe...1day i'll try!

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What i want now is $$$ . Y? because there is a BIG coming project earlier in JUNE!